TRJet announced the most recent orders for the comprehensively modernized 328 Series aircraft. Signing a Letter of Intent at Farnborough International Airshow, the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) committed to the purchase of 10 TRJ328 aircraft and Sentinel Aerospace Group of Singapore has confirmed five TRP328 turboprop aircraft for special mission use.

TRJet’s 328 Series is an enhanced and technologically updated version of the acclaimed Dornier 328 aircraft known for its multipurpose use and extreme versatility. The only aircraft of its kind certified with both a jet and turboprop variation, the 328 Series is ideal for a wide variety of uses spanning surveillance and rescue missions to passenger and VIP jets.

“We needed a proven aircraft we could trust for delicate and complex tasks such as rescue and military missions,” said Sentinel Executive Stan Nonnis. “The TRP328 was the clear choice because of its unique short take-off and landing capability, and its ability to handle the most demanding environments.”

Because of its multiple interior configuration options, the TRJ328 is also a sought after aircraft for corporate and VIP travel. With a typical flight range of approximately 1,120 nautical miles (2,080 km) the TRJ328 is both an efficient and cost-effective option for direct travel between small cities.

“Turkey represents the perfect operations environment to highlight the unique capabilities of the new modernized 328 Series. The TRJ328 offers easy and direct access to small airports and remote locations despite the rough terrain along the Turkish countryside,” said Ibrahim Caglar, chairman of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. “Increased direct traffic within Turkey is sure to stimulate regional trade. We are also proud to offer our support to this project as an institution that prides itself on fulfilling its duty for the greater benefit of Turkey.”

ITO’s commitment to 10 TRJet aircraft confirms the growing interest in the Turkish Regional Aircraft Project, and its capacity to support economic growth across the country. It builds on the interest since the May 2015 MOU, which featured an initial requirement of up to 50 aircraft, signed between the Turkish Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs & Communications and Sierra Nevada Corporation for the Turkish Regional Aircraft Project.

Dave Jackson, Managing Director of 328, stated: “We are proud in undertaking a key role in this new regional aircraft project by being a partner in the TRJet program, together with our US owners, Sierra Nevada Corp.”