328 Support Services GmbH (328SSG) is globally recognized as the TC holder of the Dornier 328 aircraft that allows us to continuously support a fleet of more than 180 aircraft worldwide. But we are not just entirely focusing on supporting the Dornier 328 product – we can do much more than that! As an EASA Part 21J Design Organization (Category 1A), a Part 21G Production Organization (C1, C2 and D1 rating) and a Part 145 Maintenance Organization, we offer a broad spectrum of services to the aviation industry that allow us to produce anything regardless of the scope of work.

In this article, we are going to bring a closer focus on full service capability around any cable harnesses requirements. Regardless of your idea, project or design requirement, here at 328SSG, we can provide a full turn-key solution through the production, testing and delivery of certified harnesses to you in accordance with EASA Part 21G requirements.

Our scope of service ranges from the simple bundling of several wires to complex cable harnesses with a large number of individual wires and very different connectors from simple/standard to highly sophisticated. We realize different plug connections, application-specific insulation, individual colors, lengths and cable cross-sections. We are also able to manufacture complex relay and circuit breaker panels up to a wide variety of break out boxes.

There are no restrictions for the product regarding complexity or scale; from one-off test samples to fit a prototype construction, pre-series or serial production over years of life cycles, with downstream spare parts supply. We are able to accommodate any tailored demand, no matter how challenging it can get!

We are incorporating state-of-the-art technologies such as laser printing using thermal transfer printer to label our wires or cables and ensure that product identification requirements are always met.

We can also change or revise any existing cable harnesses in accordance to EASA Part 145 requirements, and this, regardless of the aircraft or product type. Our EASA Part 21J DO can further support the development and certification, if required.

Our extensive experience acquired over the years through the support of our global customer base taught us high flexibility and consistency, today allows our team to always meet the highest-quality standards on every single project! Our experienced and highly skilled team can assist you in the planning and development, as well as providing advice on any of your projects that require production of cable systems.

Should you want to learn more or request a quote, get in touch with the team by email via maintenance@328.eu 

Also, feel free to provide us with your feedback below if you found this article interesting and if you would like to know more about we can support the industry throughout our wise range of capabilities.


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