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328 Support Services GmbH (328SSG) was founded in January 2006 and is the Type Certificate (TC) holder for Dornier 328 Prop and Jet aircraft. The company purchased the type certificate for the D328 jet and turboprop, as well as the Dornier 428 and other assets, in December 2005 from Avcraft, which acquired it from Fairchild-Dornier. 328SSG is based at Oberpfaffenhofen Airport, near Munich, Germany, with more than 170 employees. Being the TC holder of the Dornier 328, the business is mainly focused on services such as customer support, technical support including design engineering,

328SSG is also an approved EASA Production Organization (Part 21G – approval No. DE.21G.0002) for production and selling new and spare parts as is approved to produce parts not only for the Dornier aircraft but for all aircraft types.
328SSG is an approved EASA Maintenance Organization (Part 145 – approval No. DE.145.0208) and offers aircraft maintenance, modification, overhaul, repairs, retrofit and refurbishment work on Dornier Do 328 Turboprop and Jet aircraft at its maintenance base in Oberpfaffenhofen. Since September 2009, 328SSG is also an approved FAA Repair Station (approval No. 328Y969Y) for the Dornier aircraft

In addition we created in August 2009 a Design Organization. 328DO GmbH, (Part 21J approval No. EASA.21J.438) , this is a Level 1 design organization similar to Airbus, Dassault, ATR etc and supports 328SSG in all issues on manufacturing, maintenance, continued airworthiness and other issues within the scope of their portfolio and with more than 30 employees. It is approved to work on all types of Large and Small aircraft as well as Helicopters and is the holder of nearly 200 STC’s on many different types of aircraft.

In August 2013, 328SSG also became an approved EASA Training Organization (approval No. DE.147.0021) with approx. 10 employees and offers both initial and recurrent training for Dornier 328 for B1 and B2 certifying staff.

In early 2015, Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) acquired UK- and Germany-based aircraft company, 328SSG, owner of the type certificate and Intellectual Property (IP) rights for design, manufacturing, maintenance and certification of the 200 existing D328 prop and jet aircraft.

328 Support Services GmbH
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328 Support Services GmbH
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