Other Aircraft

Innovation is at the heart of what we do, with the pioneering spirit of Claude Dornier still infiltrating our philosophy and practices we are continually looking to broaden our horizons as well as those of our customers. We have a strong body of knowledge and skills which mean that best practice and creativity can be combined to produce almost limitless solutions. From something as seemingly simple as the manufacture of a single part to the completion of an entire aircraft inside and out, we have what it takes to get it right and continually surprise.


Whichever aircraft and whatever the requirements, we understand that a VIP or business jet needs to be unique in respect to functionality and appearance. We consider and respect the individual utilisation and availability of every customer’s aircraft. Ranging from new surfaces, IFE upgrade, individual Satcom solutions to cabin lighting concepts, we attend your requirements.

Whether you have a vision or would like us to inspire you we offer a responsive, fully bespoke service. We take every care to understand your needs and the brief at hand to make sure we deliver the right solution from concept to completion. We encourage a collaborative approach so clients can be as involved as they would like, or if you would prefer, you can leave it all to us.
Our process is comprehensive and can involve any or all of the below:

– Design concept : where we visualise the interior for initial discussion
– Design development : following any comment, we evolve the design
– Detailed specification : for approval prior to manufacture
– Manufacture : of each and every element of any interior
– Livery Design/application : can run in parallel with the above process if required
– Maintenance : can be done in parallel with every conversion

We offer services on an ever-increasing range of private jets which includes Hawker, Gulfstream, Bombardier, Embraer, Dassault, Airbus, Boeing just to name a few. We invite you to discuss your needs with us.

If your passenger interior is looking a little tired or outdated. If your customers ask for in-flight connectivity, we offer a full completion service for commercial use. Our approach combines creative and technical input to create a dynamic and robust solution for any requirements.

From a complete interior to a state of the art satcom system, or if you wanted to look at extending your aircraft’s range, we offer the right solution to the very highest standards. Our customers range from single aircraft operators to national carriers.
Whatever the assignment, whether it’s to achieve high quality combined with good value or to create an opulent interior why not discuss your needs and let us inspire you.

In an ever-changing world of higher security requirements, operational requirements, flexibility needs and budgetary constraints, we offer a number of solutions and approaches to match the constantly evolving needs of global organisations.

Through fully overhauled and customised pre-owned Dornier 328 Turboprop and Jet airframes, we proceed to modifications work in order to supporting multiple operational requirements within short schedules and budgets. Taking advantages of the Dornier 328 key features, such as outstanding performance, spacious cabin and operational flexibility with unbeaten cost effectiveness, provide an excellent platform that can fit any type of requirements globally.

We also recognise that new approaches are required to satisfy contradictory needs. For this reason, we also offer special mission platforms on green aircraft from all the major manufacturers to also acquiring pre-owned other aircraft types we meet your needs and establish the most suitable airframe to start with and how best to adapt it to any challenges faced. We accommodate state-of-the-art mission equipment integrated on a modular basis, allowing step-by-step add-ons and upgrades, making it even easier to stay within the available budget.

Our current clients include the US government, who purchased multiple aircraft that have been fully refurbished and upgraded in house to fit any special missions requirements. Other special project customers, such as Australian based AeroRescue, operate a fleet of Dornier 328 Turboprops for the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, and Germany’s ADAC, use Ambulance Jets converted by ourselves.