component capabilities

Within our approvals we can work on the following components in our capability list. Our team of experts ensure that each task is carried out with care. From major flying control repairs to individual components we are equipped for any project.

With our leading edge facilities we can handle any repair both to the interior and exterior. Our in-house capabilities are comprehensive and we are able to work on a host of components with the following categories:

C1 Air Condition and PressurizationC14 Landing Gear
C4 Doors and HatchesC15 Oxygen
C5 Electrical Power & LightsC16 Propellers
C6 EquipmentC17 Pneumatic & Vacuum
C7 Engine – APUC18 Protection / Ice / Rain / Fire
C8 Flight ControlsC19 Windows
C9 FuelC20 Structural
C12 Hydraulic Power
D1 Non Destructive Testing (NDT) includes:
- Liquid Penetrant Inspection (PT),
- Eddy Current Inspection (ET),
- Ultrasonic Inspection (UT)

And when it comes to Dornier these facilities are also able to discharge the requirements of EASA Part 145.A.25 and FAA 14 CFR Part 145.103. Our facilities and skills provide our customers with the highest standards of services and the confidence that the use of all engineering data is approved by the Type Certificate holder.