special project

In an ever-changing world of higher security requirements, ever-changing operational requirements and budgetary constraints we offer a number of solutions and approaches to match the needs of our governmental organisations.

We have also introduced the incredibly versatile 328SP series, using fully overhauled and customised, pre-owned 328 Turboprop and Jet airframes, prepared to meet multiple operational requirements at short delivery times and an affordable price. The 328SP series combines the well known 328 advantages, such as outstanding performance, spacious cabin and operational flexibility with unbeaten cost effectiveness.
We also recognise that new approaches are required to satisfy these contradictory needs. We can also offer Special Mission platforms on green aircraft from all the major manufacturers to also acquiring pre-owned other aircraft types we can meet your needs and establish the most suitable airframe to start with and how best to adapt it to any challenges faced. We can accommodate state-of-the-art mission equipment integrated on a modular basis, allowing step-by-step add-ons and upgrades, making it even easier to stay within the available budget.
Our current clients include the US government, who purchased multiple aircraft through 328 that have been fully refurbished and upgraded by ourselves for special missions.Other special project customers, such as Australian based AeroRescue, operate a fleet of five 328 Turboprops for the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, and Germany’s ADAC, use two Ambulance Jets converted by ourselves.