We have a range of options available as follows:


  • Professional engineering support

  • Avionic and electric

    Navigation, Comms, IFE

  • Interiors

    Cabin reconfiguration
    LOPA changes
    Galley, seats, overhead storages, cabin dividers, sofas
    VIP Executive

  • Special mission

    Tailored to your requirements. All air vehicles, all ATA chapters

  • Structures

    Additional antennae
    Additional racks and/or monuments
    Static Analysis / damage tolerance analysis
    Vibration modelling

  • Flight Physics:

    Aerodynamic / icing analysis (handbook methods & CFD)
    Aeroelastic / flutter analysis
    Ground & flight loads analysis
    Performance calculation & flight test data analysis
    Handling qualities evaluation

  • Project management


  • Technical publications

  • System engineering

    All ATA chapter

  • Accident Investigation