monument manufacture

Whether it’s a side-ledge or an entire galley or a new bedroom, we can manufacture the most challenging projects. Whether you would like us to design any monument or you already have detailed drawings we can make sure that all details are translated faithfully and with craft.

Our technicians are trained to the very highest level and combine experience with passion to make sure each project is practical and beautiful as possible. When you add to that our state of the art facilities we have the prefect combination to deliver the best results consistently.
With one-off bespoke monuments one of the biggest challenges is making sure that the item fits neatly and effortlessly into the interior it’s intended for, we have a wealth of experience in just that, often it involves constructing, dismantling and re-constructing in situ. Why not speak to us to find out what is possible.
We have made monuments for Airbus, Boeing, Gulfstream, Cessna, Dornier and other aircraft types already and we are happy to fit within our company facilities or at your location. We can supply the installation labour or you can have your own workforce carry out the installation.