Safety and Quality Policy

Our companies success depends on

  • Contented customers
  • Motivated employees
  • Fulfillment of customer requirements
  • High Shareholder Value
  • Excellent innovation

The consistent fulfillment of these premises in every phase of the value-added chain determines the quality of our company and of our products, services and capabilities. Quality is an integral component of our corporate philosophy.
Concerning the manufacturing of parts and appliances and maintenance of airplane, parts- and appliances in any case the airworthiness of the delivered product must be assured at all times.
Flight safety is of utmost importance and has priority over business and schedule interests.
The safety of the company, the employers, equipment and values is a first priority in 328 Support Services GmbH, at any time and with respect to any action taken by the management.
328 Support Services GmbH has a risk management based on a risk analysis. In this risk analysis, all risk factors for the company have been assessed and the re-spective departments have been specified.
In all divisions and levels of the organization, the principles of human factors are taken into account and applied to ensure safe high-quality results. For this purpose all employees are sensitized by regular training on this topic. Further for the legal basis, regular trainings are conducted in the subject of aviation legislation.
It is understood that the EASA, the FAA and the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt will approve this organization whilst the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt or FAA is satisfied that the procedures are being followed and work standards maintained.
It is further understood that the EASA (Agency), the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt and the FAA reserves the right to suspend, vary or cancel the CR(EC) Part 21G, the CR(EC) Part-145 respectively the FAA 14 CFR Part-145 approval of the organization if the EASA, the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt or the FAA has evidence that procedures are not followed or standards are not upheld.
All managers and employees of the company are qualified appropriately for their work tasks. They have the obligation and they have been instructed to always work in accordance with the valid procedures, quality and safety standards and other applicable instructions.
The employees are demanded to announce to their man-agers any deviations and occurrences in the working pro-cess.
The managers and the employees of the company recognize the need of the performance of quality audits and act cooperatively towards the auditors.

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Head of Quality Management

Johannes Milz
Tel.:        + 49 81 53 / 88 111 – 2520
Fax:        + 49 81 53 / 88 111 – 4989
Mobil:      + 49 171 / 582 48 75
EMail:      johannes.milz@328.eu