material planning and procurement

Quality is an integral component of our corporate philosophy. Our success is depending on reliable cooperation and communication with our customers as well as our suppliers and industrial partners.

Services provided:

  • Continuous monitoring of stock levels and parts consumption rates
  • Initiation of replenishment activities
  • Procurement of Proprietary-, Vendor- and Standard Parts (in average 10.000 line items per year)
  • Procurement Engineering Support
  • Contracts & Commercials

Our current supplier base (as per the approved supplier list) comprises 400 Suppliers, from over 12 countries in the world, for systems and equipment /proprietary- / structural-and standard -parts.

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Vendor Parts

(Systems and Equipment)

Silvia Wals
Tel: +49 8153 88111 5090
Fax: +49 8153 88111 4238

Proprietary Parts

(Structural Parts, Subassembly/Assembly)

Siegfried Prestele
Tel: +49 8153 88111 2054
Fax: +49 8153 88111 4238