quality assurance

As the Type Certificate holder for the Dornier 328 we take pride in only offering materials with full traceability, either back to birth or back to last shop visit. Please contact us for more details.

Procurement Assurance:

  • Maintain Approved Supplier List
  • Auditing of Supplier QM-Systems
  • Supplier Rating System (to monitor the quality level and to ensure product integrity)
  • Administration of PO/DO Arrangements and PMA -Assist-Letters.

Receiving and Shipping Inspection:

  • Inspection (Identification, Visual, Documentation, techn. Inspection, shelf life and limitations, NDT-inspection)
  • Preparation and administration of discrepancy reports
  • Certification of parts and appliances in accordance with to 328 SSG capability-list


Head of Quality Assurance
Supply Chain

Michael Schellmann
Tel:+49 8153 88111 2433
Fax:+49 8153 88111 4238

Teamleader, Manager, Certification Staff
Supply Chain

Oskar Werner
Tel: +49 8153 88111 2433
Fax: +49 8153 88111 2067