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Enhanced Crosswind Capability for Dornier 328-100

328 Support Services GmbH is pleased to announce the availability of the enhanced crosswind capability for the Dornier 328-100 (Option 044K002).

Publication details:
Rev. date June 20, 2017
Date June 21, 2017
Effectivity 328-100
Serial No. All
Download CSI-328TP-2017-002
ADS-B Out for Dornier 328-100 and 328-300

328 Support Services GmbH is pleased to announce the availability of the ADS-B Out upgrade for the Dornier 328-100 and 328-300 fleet.

The attached Customer Support Information (CSI) provides you with technical and commercial information on the ADS-B Out upgrade.

Publication details:
Date May 11, 2017
Effectivity 328all
Serial No. All
Download CSI-328all-2017-001
Customer Support Manual

This is the latest revision of our handy Customer Support Manual, which presents all necessary information for supporting your daily Dornier 328 business activities and provides guidance in terms of procedures and processes. Its use will efficiently ensure a perfect co-operation between the operator and 328 Support Services GmbH, its partners and suppliers.

Publication details:
Rev-No. 2014/1
Rev. date October 31, 2014
Date November 17, 2014
Download Customer-Support-Manual-Issue-2015-2-Release-13-04-2015
Move into new buildings & Change in Customer Support Management

328 Support Services GmbH is pleased to inform you that the planned move into our new office buildings at the Oberpfaffenhofen airfield has been successfully accomplished.

Furthermore we would like to inform you that we named Florian Luithlen Director Customer Support who took over from Bernhard Schuster as of June 1st.

Publication details:
Date August 4, 2014
Download CSI-328all-2014-07-General-Information
Restart of AHRS upgrade campaign from AH-800 to AH-900 on Dornier 328-300

328 Support Services GmbH is pleased to announce to restart the upgrade program for the AHRS from AH-800 units to AH-900 within the Dornier 328-300 fleet. Please see attached CSI-328JET-2014-06 for details.

Publication details:
Date July 3, 2014
Effectivity Dornier 328-300
Serial No. All aircraft
Download CSI-328JET-2014-06-AH800-to-AH900-for-Dornier-328-300
Quick Access Recorder for Dornier 328 series

328 Support Services GmbH is planning an upgrade for the Dornier 328-100 and 328-300.
The Quick Access Recorder (QAR) is designed for aircraft with solid-state flight data recording systems and records a copy of the data provided to the FOR (Flight Data Recorder) and ARINC 429 Avionic Bus for easy retrieval.

Publication details:
Rev. date March 19, 2014
Date April 9, 2014
Effectivity Dornier 328 series
Serial No. All Aircraft
Download CSI-328all-2014-03-Quick-Access-Recorder-QAR-for-Dornier-328-Series
Maintenance Evolution – New Intervals

As an important step after previous escalations, 328 Support Services GmbH is very pleased to announce that, with effect of July 1, 2013, maintenance intervals have again been increased.

  • A-Check and Multiples 500 hrs
  • C-Check and Multiples 5.000 hrs

The new MRBR for 328-300 has been approved by EASA and FAA in December 2013.
Relevant information is currently incorporated into the MPD and LUMPD.

Publication details:
Date January 30, 2014
Download CSI-328JET-2014-01-Maintenance-Evolution-New-Intervals
Technical Publications – Running CAMSIS with Internet Explorer 10

The new version of CAMSIS 3 (CD-ROM) has been edited and released in traditional style using unchanged procedures and tools. Shortly before distribution of CAMSIS 3 Revision MAR 1/2013 it became obvious, that certain information contained in CAMSIS while using browser Internet Explorer 10 can no longer be retrieved and displayed, whilst the use of all CAMSIS versions with Mozilla Firefox is not restricted at all. There is no information available whether other browsers show the same problem as experienced with Internet Explorer.

Publication details:
Date April 4, 2013
Effectivity Dornier 328-100
Dornier 328-300
Serial No. All Aircraft
Download csi-328all-2013-03