Technical Publications

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The following Technical Publications are currently available:

Operational Manuals:

  • Operational Package, composed of:
    • Airplane Flight Manual, serialized, Hard Copy
    • Airplane Operating Manual, serialized, Hard Copy
    • Quick Reference Handbook, serialized, Hard Copy
  • Weight and Balance Manual, serialized, Hard Copy
  • Dispatch Deviation Procedure Guide (based on FAA MMEL)
  • Master Minimum Equipment List (based on EASA or FAA rules)

Maintenance Manuals:

  • Dornier 328-300 – Airplane Characteristics for Airport Planning, Hard Copy
  • Aircraft Illustrated Parts Catalogue, Hard Copy
  • Aircraft Maintenance Manual (D&O, JIC), Hard Copy
  • Aircraft Maintenance Manual (D&O, JIC), PDF Version
  • Aircraft Maintenance Manual – Cold Weather Operation
  • Aircraft Maintenance Manual – Storage, Hard Copy
  • Aircraft Recovery Manual, Hard Copy
  • Suite of electronical Maint. Manuals (CAMSIS), Compact Disc. Composed of:
    • Aircraft Maintenance Manual (D&O, JIC)
    • Aircraft Illustrated Parts Catalogue
    • Consumable Material List
    • Fault Isolation Manual- Power Plant Built-up Manual
    • Consumable Material List, Hard Copy
  • Component Maintenance Manual Manufacturer, Set of Hard Copies
  • Corrosion Prevention and Control Program Manual, Hard Copy
  • Component Repair Manual, Hard Copy
  • Fault Isolation Manual, Hard Copy
  • Ground Handling and Servicing Manual, Hard Copy
  • Set of In-Service Technical Information (ISTI), Hard Copy
  • Illustrated Tool and Equipment Manual, Hard Copy
  • Dornier 328-300 – Low Util. Maint. Planning Document (incl. Excel Data Base)
  • Maintenance Planning Document (incl. Excel Data Base)
  • Maintenance Requirements Document, composed of:
    • Airworthiness Limitations Document
    • Certification Maintenance Requirements Document
    • Maintenance Review Board ReportDornier
  • Nondestructive Testing Manual, Hard Copy
  • Power Plant Built-up Manual, Hard Copy
  • Rescue Manual, Hard Copy
  • Structure Repair Manual, Hard Copy
  • System Schematics Manual, Hard Copy
  • Wiring Manual, Hard Copy

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